2018 New Holland Agriculture Air Disk Drill P2082 - 30 ft

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New Holland Agriculture
Air Disk Drill P2082 - 30 ft



  • Precision, Durability and Accuracy Means Increased Productivity: New Holland air disk drills offer precise, uniform seed placement, increased durability over competition, lower maintenance, and low soil disturbance with excellent trash flow.
  • Three Models: The P2000 models include the P2080 single-shoot disc drill, the new P2082 double-shoot disk drill and the P2085 disc drill which features a mounted seed tank. Every P2000 model offers incredible seed placement accuracy, leading to higher productivity.
  • Versatility To Match Your Demands: P2000 air disk drills are suited to a wide spectrum of tillage practices - no till, minimum till or conventional seeding, with low to high residue in corn stalks, wheat or soybeans.
P2082 Features
  • Precise Placement of Seed and Fertilizer In One Pass For Early, Uniform Emergence: The P2082 double-shoot air disk drill is designed for one-pass placement of seed and fertilizer with accuracy for uniform emergence, better stands, higher yields and more profit for you. Choose from seeding widths of 30, 40, 50 and 60 feet with available 10-inch row spacing.
  • Separate, Fixed Placement Zones For Seed and Fertilizer: The unique precision sideband knife creates an ideal “shelf” for the seed with fertilizer banded one inch below and one inch to the side of the seed – ideal placement for maximum uptake when the seed germinates, and optimal seed to fertilizer placement. The seed knife is cast using unique metal chemistry and a carbide edge for durability and extended wear. In addition, the knife is cushioned and rubber shock isolated to prevent damage from impacts. The knife is easy to replace when needed.
  • Cut Through Tough Residue with Reduced Hair-Pinning: Rugged Earth Metal® disks are made with a hardened metal compound that won’t dent or shatter. They cut through the heaviest crop residue and, combined with the precision sideband knife, greatly reduce hair-pinning at the seed.
  • Precise Depth Control: New larger-diameter, 18-inch gauge wheel helps clean off the coulter disks, reducing soil clumps. A simple, effective T-handle allows you to adjust depth in precise, quarter-inch increments from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in depth. The patented parallel link opener provides industry-leading ground following and accurate seed placement at high speeds and over rough terrain to ensure best-in-class seed emergence.
  • Consistent Down Pressure: A heavier variable-pitch spring applies even down pressure so you can tailor the P2082 to match soil type and moisture conditions.
  • Early Emergence with Optimal Seed-To-Soil Contact: A new treaded packing wheel catches and gathers soil to smoothly close the trench for excellent seed-to-soil contact for better emergence. The textured wheel surface profile creates a soil crease for controlled soil cracking.
  • Toolbar Width, ft (m): 30 (9.1)
  • Available Spacing, in (cm): 10 (25.4)
  • Fold Type: Single



30 ft. (9.1 m)

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